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The Three Warlocks
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"Overall, The Three Warlocks is a highly recommended fantasy work for fans of the genre and those beyond."  -K.C. Finn of Readers Favorite

My debut fantasy novel that I started writing when I was 16 and published when I was 19 (so it's a little rough around the edges but I like to think that's part of its charm).
The novel is split into three acts, each of which serves as its own novella of sorts.  As a whole, the book is an exploration of the traumatic experiences of the main three characters of The Three Warlocks, and how those traumatic experiences would lead them to gain power previously unimaginable.

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In Pursuit of a Dead Sister
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My most recent novel!
Another spinoff/prequel/tale like Lament, Pursuit follows the journey of Torio Lendaloro, a nonbinary Ayad elf whose family is all killed on the same night. 
Fun, right?
As it would happen, Torio has a funky condition known as  Venallinon in elvish: basically, it means that the souls of the dead are connected to them. They can hear whispers from the Animarum from these souls, who can glimpse Torio's life and thoughts. 
Turns out that Torio only has one soul connected to them like this: their little sister.  They cannot speak to her or do anything to assuage her loneliness in death. 
And so, when Torio stumbles across a broody and antisocial necromancer and learns that, should they become a necromancer, they can speak to their little sister once again and even bring her back to the world of the living, the path of their life changes radically. 
The Ayad elves are a harsh people, beleaguered by an endless war which requires every able-bodied elf to fight. Should an elf leave the forest, they are exiled. 
Torio finds themself faced with a decision: do they forsake the duty they inherited, or do they risk exile so that they can reunite with their little sister?
If you're  a fan of Aethen from The Three Warlocks, are itching for a nonbinary protagonist, or desire a low-stakes story about characters on an adventure, this is a book for you. 

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Earth Child: Terminal Misery
Written by Jon State
Narrated by J. Flowers-Olnowich
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A postapocalyptic sci-fi tales, Earth Child: Terminal Misery is a novel written by Jon State and narrated by yours truly. 
Eternal Bones is a trilogy that unveils how Fairies and Mutants emerge on Earth after an alien-induced cataclysm. The civilizations we knew during the year 2065 were destroyed, leaving a single person occupying the International Space Station to watch the devastation firsthand.
A freelance group of scientists discovered the climatic trend and escaped the disaster, but little did they know that forces beyond their comprehension were managing the future of humanity. Once the survivors emerge from their stasis pods, they realize that the Earth they once knew had drastically changed. They find themselves 2,000 years in the future in a place where the logic they once understood holds no meaning. Moreover, the newly evolved world is aggressive and seems determined to destroy every last survivor.

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The Lament of a Broken Youth
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"This is a highly imaginative and creative work that, I can predict, will be lost on many types of readers. I think it's a 'love it or hate it' kind of book." -Gregory V. Diehl, Amazon Review.

My most recent novel
It's a standalone fantasy novel set in the world of The Three Warlocks, but it is not a part of the main series. I call it an auxiliary installment because it's a story worth telling in this world, but it doesn't advance the core parts of the main series.
The novel follows the perspective of Markusei of the Darkorh, an adolescent orc in the wild lands of Central Rhydallia.
The Lament of a Broken Youth centers around Markusei's internal struggle between the harsh realities that his tribe must face scratching a living off the savanna clime and his idealistic hopes for the tribe that he loves.

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Please, Remember Me
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"A well-written, engaging, short fantasy...A page turner with guts and brains." 
-Jim Hardison, Amazon Review.

A standalone short story about a Greek Demigod who ventures into the underworld to save the soul of their lover. Inspired and adapted from Greek Mythology, the story explores the intertwined nature of love and hate, as well as the power of resilience and hope.

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My Mirror of Words
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A brief collection of poetry that explores themes of mental health, loss, and love. Click 'Read More' for a sneak peek of the first poem in the collection!

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