Sons of the Tribe

The next two installments of A Tragedy of Dust, coming soon! These two novels are the origins stories of two Necromancers: Torio Lendaloro and Markusei Darkorh.
The novels follows the events that would lead them to Grimhold, and through them we see the cultures of both the Orcs of the Wildlands and the Wood Elves of the Southern Isle. 

The Lament of a Broken Youth

The origin story of Markusei Darkorh, in which we see the young son of an orcish Chieftain responsible for the survival of his tribe. After kidnapping the wrong person, can Markusei ensure that his tribe survives the events that follow?
Arriving November 20

In Pursuit of a Dead Sister

The origin story of Torio Lendaloro, in which we see a young hunter travel across the Southern Isle in the hopes of becoming a Necromancer, so that he can bring his dead sister back to life.
Arriving January 2020

Please, Remember Me

After the fall of Troy, an Amazonian demigod descends into the underworld to save the soul of her lover from eternal damnation. A short story with a modern twist on Greek mythology.
Arriving November 10

The Catalog

Book I: The Three Warlocks
"The Three Warlocks: A Tragedy of Dust is a highly recommended fantasy work for fans of the genre and those beyond." -K.C. Finn, Reader's Favorite
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The Lament of a Broken Youth
Arriving November 20 & 22
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Please, Remember Me
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