The Lament of a Broken Youth

The Lament of a Broken Youth

An Auxiliary Tale of The Three Warlocks

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The Lament of a Broken Youth is the story of an orcish tribe, set shortly after the events of Act II of The Three Warlocks.

The son of a tribal Chieftain finds himself responsible for preventing his tribe's destruction when he kidnaps the wrong person.

Markusei Darkorh, an orc on the verge of adulthood, must weather the hatred of his tribe towards his hostage, for her death will ensure the tribe's destruction at the hands of warlocks: Necromancers who will go to any length to save Markusei's hostage. Can Markusei prevent the members of his tribe from killing his captive? Can he get her away from the tribe before warlocks track them down and kill them? Find out in this tale of familial hardship, generations of hatred, and factionalism, inspired by Spaghetti Westerns.


Gregory V. Diehl


This is a highly imaginative and creative work that, I can predict, will be lost of many types of readers. I think it's a "love it or hate it" kind of book. But if you can try to see where the author is coming from and his intentions for it, you just might see the magic and reason to it.


Louka S.


This is a fantasy novel set in a Mongolian-inspired milieu. There are some delightful illustrations scattered through the text. The "romance" is between orc and elf, and there is an uneasy union between genres that is perhaps reflective of the difficulty of the two species' relationship ... or maybe it's just that it doesn't quite work, because the entire panoply of world-building, with weirdly-named creatures and other fantasy elements, doesn't entirely mesh with the story-telling. Nevertheless it is a noble effort to blend genres and worthy of interest.


The Setting

The story takes place in the northwestern region of Central Rhydallia, an area known as The Wildlands. It is a region inhabited by incredible beasts, and only the nomadic orcs have been able to survive in this dangerous region.