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The Three Warlocks

Book I of A Tragedy of Dust

The Three Warlocks is the story of how three people come to possess one of the most powerful magical artifacts in the world: A stone possessing the power to unleash a new breed of magic unto the world.
The story is split into three separate but connected Acts: Renstone, Hylstone, and Vaelstone.
Act I follows Ruxel, a young half-elf on the precipice of adulthood who is faced with the challenge of finding his purpose in life. However, before he can embark on his journey to find his purpose, terror strikes his hometown and he finds himself on a desperate quest to save those he loves.
Act II follows Elise, an aging human mercenary whose life is saved by an unlikely duo. Together with the only survivors of her company, a pair of elven twins, she must face a grim reality: life without her arm and leg. As she recovers both physically and emotionally, she finds love in an unlikely place.
Act III follows Aethelius, an elven commando caught in the midst of a civil war that's tearing his country apart. Stranded behind enemy lines with no allies except for the ones under his command, his is a tale of survival in a war like no other.

The Style of TTW

The Three Warlocks is a high fantasy novel, in a renaissance-style setting. Magic takes the role of technology, allowing the inhabitants of this world many luxuries afforded to us. This is not a world of simple-minded people: they understand biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, etc.

Each Act of The Three Warlocks is written in a different style.
Act I reads like a hero's journey as well as a coming-of-age story, inspired by classic fantasy tales.
LGBTQ characters take the forefront of Act II, the most character-driven one. In it, we see the characters struggle with overcoming loss and finding love.
Act III is the story of a civil war near its climax, about survival in a hostile environment and racial relations.

Each Act of TTW is its own story, with its own beginning and ending. You do not have to read the first Act to enjoy the second, and you do not have to read them in order.

TTW contains graphic language and violence.

The Setting

Rhydallia is the continent in the southwestern hemisphere of Sirus. The story takes place in Central Rhydallia, home to various countries and nationalities: the Kingdom of Elvaenia, the Colony of Lareaux, the Jarlship of Svobold, the Sultanate of Hazzyn, the Queendom of Dwarffyn, and the Tribes of The Wildlands.

The events of The Three Warlocks are mostly focused in Elvaenia and Lareaux. Notable locations can be found on the map above.


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